About Us

With a vision to emerge as a center of excellence in academics and latest technologies in rapidly changing field of engineering and technology the Engineering and Technology 4U channel was established in December 2018.
The history of man has never seen access to so much information as in the 21st century. There is a website for every single thing that you can imagine, usually made in the form of a forum, blog or news portal. They offer an attractive design, ease of use and most importantly – innovation. Modern webpages aim to present their information in a new and interesting way, for example with the help of a video, online lecture or pictures.
Unsurprisingly, students form a major part from all users browsing the Internet. After a confusing seminar or course at the university, they are well aware that there should be a perfect website with the information they require. Many young people even decide to use the Web as their chosen higher educational institution while attending their online lessons.
In addition, they can take a few classes in a desired (computer) language and sometimes even acquire a certificate. Some websites might even prepare a test for you!
Our website gives you online lessons from your curriculum as well as latest technologies in engineering and soft skill development so that you are prepared to face the challenges in your future life. Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/EngineeringTechnology4U